Take a Class

This is a list of places (and classes) that I’m teaching. If you’re looking for a complete list of  what I teach, please contact me with your information and event.


February 4  and 5 at the Nutmeg Spinners Guild in Connecticut.
Feb 4 – Closed event for the guild members only – Contact them for more information.
Feb 5 – Techniques for Spinning the Yarn You Want
Please contact Nutmeg Spinners (linked above) for details and how to purchase the class

April 27-29 – PLYaway
April 27 – morning – All the Singles Yarns.
April 27 – afternoon – Energized Singles
April 28 – Spinning for Socks
April 29 – A Day in the life Spinning Singles

July 20-23 – MAFA 2017 Conference
Class 402 – Color Color Everywhere – People, I’m teaching dyeing and spinning in this one. You know how rare it is for me to teach dyeing. If you miss this, you probably won’t get another chance for a while.

August 25-27 – LA Spinner’s Guild
Details are on Ravelry – HERE

September 10 – NH Spinners and Dyers
Minimalist Rainbow – Dyeing rainbows with only primaries.

September 29-October 1 – WEBS Spinning Summit.
Class information is HERE


April 7-8 – at the Nutmeg Spinners Guild in Connecticut.
Socks – All the socks. 2 days of Spinning for socks and more.