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I’ve been writing a blog for a long long long time. It’s changed servers a few times but since I’ve been sticking with the wordpress format it’s been able to be saved and morphed and look almost like I’ve had one service for quite some time. It’s at Boogie’s Blog right now and you can click on over.

I occasionally write tutorials there. If you’re looking for something then click over and use the search form. It’s been pretty good at finding things. I’m horrible at tagging and long long ago, I wasn’t tagging anything so those won’t catch everything.

My plan is to link everything valuable to you here so it’s really easy to find. Until then, please use the search or email me to ask.

TUTORIALS: (more coming)

Dyeing Tutorials:
Snow Dyeing

Fiber Preps:
Fiber Types

Spinning Tutorials:
Double Driving

Weaving Tutorials:
Winding a Stick Shuttle
Variable Dent Reeds

Wheel and Loom Maintenance:
Drive Bands